Products & Services

Business Scenario Security

Multi-platform Client Security

Smart Risk Control Products

Account System Security

Anti-Bot Registration
Anti-Password Reuse Attach

Promotional Campaign Security

Anti-Bonus Hunting
Anti-Online Vote Manipulation

Marketing Channel Promotion Security

Device Farm Identification
Other marketing promotion cheating

Payment & Transaction Security

Monitoring and Preventing
Unauthorised Card Use and Money Laundry

SMS Gateway Security

Protecting SMS Gateway
Preventing Malicious Use

Anti-Web Crawlers

Preventing Web Crawlers
Protecting Sensitive Business Data

IoT Security Compiler

Protected firmware based on securely compiled source code

Android/iOS Virtual CPU Code Protection

App protected by Virtual CPU technology
during compiling process

H5 Code Obfuscation

Code Obfuscation
Interface Native Protection

Client Device Data Protection SDK

Based on Virtual CPU Protection
and Whitebox Cryptography

Communication Link Protection SDK

Encrypting and identifying SDK
based on Virtual CPU

Real-time Risk Decision Engine

Numerous core technologies preventing
and stopping business risks

Device Fingerprint

Accurat and precise identification

Interference-free Captcha

Safe users are no longer interfered by captcha



  • Financial Industry
  • General

Risks for Financial Industry

Business Security: bot registration, password reuse, account hacking, identity theft, credit cash-out, credit fraud, illegal money laundry, fake application, document fraud

Client Security: app vulnerabilities, software reverse engineering, app counterfeit

Dingxiang Solutions

Dingxiang's Internet Finance Solutions cover and defend client devices with the joint effort of its device security products and Real-time Decision Engine and Smart Analysis Platform. Business data are analysed and judged, risks are screened and a deepened defensive and full-cycle risk control system is established.

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Risks for General Industries

Business Security: marketing channel cheating, bot registrations, password reuse attacks, brute-forcing, account hacking, web crawlers, fake transactions, trading volume cheating and credit manipulation, bonus hunting, scalpers, fake comments

Client Security: app vulnerabilities, software reverse engineering, app counterfeit

Dingxiang Solutions

Starting from client security, Dingxiang's security solutions for general industries take various business scenarios into account and introduced the deepened defensive and full-cycle risk control system.

Years of combatting and defending experience has allowed Dingxiang to construct various indices, strategies and models and efficiently prevent all kinds of risks from different scenarios in Internet-based industries.

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