the leading progenitor in Internet business security

Dingxiang Technologies

Beijing Dingxiang Technologies Co., Ltd. is the leading progenitor in the Internet business security industry, and endeavours to establish a digital world with no risk.

Founded in April 2017, Dingxiang Technologies is a member of Sequoia Capital China.

Dingxiang Technologies holds advanced risk control and smart client security technologies. The concept of “Sharing Security” introduced by Dingxiang is becoming a standard practice in the industry and framework for new security products. Its Panoramic Business Security Risk Control System, Interference-free Captcha, Virtual CPU Code Protection, Client Device Data Protection SDK along with other products and solutions, are empowering businesses from E-Commerce, finance, IoT, aviation, online gaming, social networks and many other industries.

For both E-Commerce platforms and users, Dingxiang Technologies reduces risks and threats including bonus hunting, fake transactions, account hacking, web crawlers, system and app cracking, etc.

Up until now, Dingxiang Technologies has successfully intercepted hundreds of millions of malicious requests and attacks, monitored millions of suspected devices and over 95% threats are recognised and screened.