Marketing Channel Security

Marketing Channel Security prevents all kinds of volume manipulations and economises promotional budgets for your company.


Device Farms

Device Farms here refer to mass downloads and installations of applications by massive amount of devices concentrated and controlled in one place by people or by automated scripts that can manipulate the results of your marketing efforts. Marketing Channel Security uses device fingerprint, geographic features and other information to prevent device farm cheatings.


Marketing Channel Security compares and computes behaviours of simulators and real users and prevent the former ones from mass downloading for promotional payment.

Paid Astroturfers

Marketing Channel Security monitors and prevents the paid astroturfers manipulating real promotion results by analysing user portraits, device fingerprint and other information.

Core Technologies

Device Fingerprint

Multi-dimensional data collection, big data and models, precise device information

Risk Control Models

Smart risk control models trained by huge amount of risk data

User Portrait

Precise user catagories and smart risk detection