H5 Code Obfuscation

H5 code obfuscation and Native interface protection.

About H5 Code Obfuscation

In addition to code obfuscation which may still be cracked, Dingxiang's H5 solution also features native interface protection to make certain that your H5 is secure. Not only the key interfaces in H5 are all protected, Java scripts and H5 codes also get converted into native C/C++ to make it even less possible for cracking.

Features and Advantages

Code Obfuscation

Cracking made super difficult

Native Interface

Bringing H5 security to native code level

Easy to Use

One click for encrypted links

Periodical Obfuscation

Obfuscating algorithms updates periodically


Programme Logic Cracked

Core Codes Stolen

Communication Protocols Reversed


H5-based Apps
H5 Sites