Promotional Campaign Security

Offers anti-cheating protection that helps e-commerce platforms detect and intercept all kinds of fraudulent behaviours against promotional campaign including misuse of rebates and freebies, bonus hunting, trading volume cheating and online vote manipulation, in order to keep your promotional campaigns secured.


Fraudulent Redemption of Rebates

Promotional Campaign Security helps e-commerce platforms identify real users and stop malicious users during promotional campaigns aimed at attracting new users.

Bonus Hunting

Promotional Campaign Security reduces campaign costs by identifying cybercriminals' suspected behaviours and stopping them from hunting bonus for normal users with the help of the nomal user models.


Promotional Campaign Security detects malicious order placings on airlines and ticketing websites/apps and guarantees the business flow through device fingerprint and other advanced technologies.

Online Vote Manipulations

By introducing behavioural models, device fingerprint, anti-IP proxy and other technologies, Promotion Campaign Security confirms the real identity of each voters and prevents anyone from manipulating the online voting process.

Core Technologies

Big Data Risk Control

Quasi-exhaustive risky namelist database accumulated over the years

Device Fingerprint

Multi-dimensional data collection, big data and models, precise device information

Interference-free Captcha

Friendly user experience and accurate human-bot verification

Real-time Decision

Respond within milliseconds
Business risks detected real-time