SMS Gateway Security

SMS verification is widely used for identity verification and it can be taken advantage of by cybercriminals. SMS Gateway Security protects your company's SMS gateway and prevent cybercriminals from breaking in and calling.


Spam Registration

Intercepting risky users such as captcha solving services and sockpuppets by screening risky mobile numbers.

SMS One-time Password Log-in

Mass calling of the SMS interface by cybercriminals prevented through device fingerprint, human-bot verification, risk control models and other methods.

Online Voting

Risky users screened and malicious calling of the SMS interface prevented through IP-proxy detection and geographic information monitoring.

Identity Verification Prior to Sensitive Operations

Preventing malicious calling of the SMS interface before sensitive operations such as password changing and payment.

Core Technologies

Device Fingerprint

Multi-dimensional data collection, big data and models, precise device information

Big Data Risk Control

Quasi-exhaustive risky namelist database accumulated over the years

Real-time Decision

Respond within milliseconds
Business risks detected real-time

Interference-free Captcha

Friendly user experience and accurate human-bot verification