Android/iOS Virtual CPU Code Protection

Encrypted codes run on Dingxiang's original Virtual CPU. Apps protected during compiling by code virtualisation.

Avout Virtual CPU Code Protection

Virtual CPU Code Protection is the next generation solution for app hardening and uses code virtualisation to protect applications from an even deeper level as encrypted codes run directly on Dingxiang's original Virtual CPU. As these encrypted codes are completely different from x86, ARM or other more commonly seen instructions, reverse engineering is impossible.

Features and Advantages

Instruction Virtualisation

Virtual CPU embedded into the source code automatically and convert the source code into encrypted instructionss running within the protected virtual CPU.

Virtual Control Flow

CPU inserts random obfuscated instructions and new snippets into the source code snippets to make camouflage application control flows.

One Credential for One Client

Virtual CPU generates dynamic credentials for each device. In an unlikely even of cracking, other users will remain secured.

Various Source Code Input

Java, Kotlin, C/C++, Objective-C, Swift and many other types and mixed projects supported.


Programme Logic Crack

Core Codes Stolen

API Interface Exposed

Malicious Code Injection


All App-related Scenarios