Payment & Transaction Security

Payment & Transaction Security helps your company prevent fraud, identity theft and other risks may seen during paying or transfering processes.


Identity Theft

Device fingerprint, human-bot verification, proxy detection and other technologies are used to identify the users and prevent identity theft.

Credit Cash-out and Money Laundry

Cybercriminals may use credit cards or credit granted by other business entities to cash out the balance through payment services and Dingxiang's Payment & Transaction Security prevents credit cash-out and money laundry from taking place using its huge collection of indices, strategies and models.

Core Technologies

Device Fingerprint

Multi-dimensional data collection, big data and models, precise device information

Big Data Risk Control

Quasi-exhaustive risky namelist database accumulated over the years

Risk Control Models

Smart risk control models trained by huge amount of risk data

Real-time Decision

Respond within milliseconds
Business risks detected real-time

Interference-free Captcha

Friendly user experience and accurate human-bot verification